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Jason Teteak – Build Your Business

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Short descrption: The System provides the exact Steps and Scripts you’ll use to start making money fast. An entire Manual is included, along with a DVD and CD, or digital Video & Audio (password-accessible anywhere)!

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Jason Teteak Build Your Business

Jason Teteak Build Your Business

Build Your Business Bundle

The Build Your Business Bundle includes the following courses: Advantage, Captivate, Sales Bootcamp, Webcast, Pitch, Demo, Entrepreneur and Money.

Includes 8 courses and 16+ hours of success proven tools and techniques!

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Learn The Proven Techniques To:
  • Prepare an irresistible menu
  • Tailor your approach to any audience
  • Build your personal brand
  • $497 or 3 payments of $167

Why Should You Get The Build Your Business Bundle?

Imagine making the kind of money that allows you to have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and how you want. Public speaking can help you build your business by leaps and bounds. When you learn how to speak effectively, share your vision, get investments and buy-in from your tribe and team, it changes you. It changes your business.

Its about serving; its game changing.

As a result of that, you will build a client base, a management team, a staff, a family, or a group of friends full of people who dont feel sold, but served helped, changed. People may never remember what you said. Theyre always going to remember how you made them feel.

Elite public speaking changes your life. It give you the ability to help in bigger, broader waysand that changes your business.

What Youre About to Discover

Specifically with Money
  • How to craft (and title) the perfect email to find out what your audience wants
  • The exact interview questions that reveals why they would want your product or service
  • How to title your pitch to attract people IMMEDIATELY, and
  • 3 keys to takeaways that turn lookers into buyers that take action
  • How to relieve their pain points and enhance pleasure points
  • 3 ways to durable fulfillment and how to use it to close the sale
  • How to build why desire (A little work for a BIG payoff.)
  • The universal Hook that will make your pitch irresistible
  • BONUS! 19-page handbook full of in-depth tips, techniques and activities to help maximize your Money learning experience
Specifically with Captivate
  • The 3 crucial ingredients that determine the Hot Buttons and Pain Points of your audience
  • A system of checks and balances to ensure you have accurately determined what your audience wants to know BEFORE you start presenting
  • Real world examples and strategies you can use to create hooks and deliverables that audiences crave and that captivate the audience immediately
  • Create a mystery that keeps your audience members on the edge of their seats
  • The top 3 ways to develop Catch Phrases that easily command attention
  • The secret to creating a dynamic opener that no audience can resist
  • How to do an introduction that will get even the toughest audiences to believe in you, listen to you and trust you
  • A set of techniques to keep your audience captivated for your entire presentation
  • BONUS! 17-page handbook full of in-depth tips, techniques and activities to help maximize your Captivate learning experience
Specifically with Advantage
  • How to deliver an opener that immediately captivates your audience so they cant wait to hear what you have to say next
  • The top 10 most common mistakes people make when giving a business presentation
  • How to appear totally calm to your audience, even if youre nervous on the inside
  • How to make an incredible first impression by engaging someone in valuable small talk
  • The top 5 best practices for public speaking that will give you a leg up on your competition
  • How to make boring topics interesting and ensure your audience is so engaged that their minds will never wander
  • How to tailor your approach so that all listeners feel like its customized just for them
  • How to stay on track and in control by managing mistakes, disruptions & negativity
Specifically with Sales Bootcamp
  • How to be certain your audience will crave everything you have to say
  • The top sales strategies to make it easy for you to deliver and for your audience to follow
  • How to coordinate what you say and what your audience sees
  • Razor sharp sales techniques to captivate your audience within the first five minutes
  • How to use your face and body language with dynamic effect
  • The secret sales formula to move your audience to respond with enthusiasm
  • BONUS! 101-page handbook full of in-depth tips, techniques and activities to help maximize your Sales Bootcamp learning experience
Specifically with Pitch
  • Make it easy for you to deliver and for your audience to follow with an irresistible pitch menu
  • Identify what your audience wants and describe why theyd want it and why they should listen to your pitch
  • Get them to trust, believe and listen to you so they feel your pitch is meant just for them
  • Take a strong stance in the pitch sweet spot to look confident and credible with targeted movements to engage your audience
  • Persuade your audience with the words you choose and the way you sound and move them to respond with enthusiasm
  • Deliver a pitch that ends on time, every time, and elicit questions and provide answers even when you have none
Specifically with Webcast
  • Create a webcast that keeps participants engaged by making your topics interesting and relevant in a virtual setting
  • Write a script you can deliver naturally so you wont sound like youre reading.
  • Prepare yourself and your team so you can be confident when you start your webcast and focus on presenting
  • Seamlessly create a presentation flow, especially between powerpoint, excel, and other environments
  • Get people excited to attend your webcast and then connect with participants right away even when they are muted
  • Manage the discussion and interaction with your participants and make your message feel personal to an audience that cant see you
  • Keep participants listening even for boring or dry topics and get your audience involved so they participate the way you want them to
  • Learn how to provide answers, get feedback, keep the lines of communication open and get participants involved later to invest in the success
Specifically with Demo
  • Prepare for your demonstration and confidently go on stage by familiarizing yourself with your demo script
  • Practice presenting the features smoothly and confidently on your own, recovering from mistakes, and moving on with little or no pause or explanation
  • Acquaint yourself with the attendee by exchanging names, finding out their goals and hooking them to ensure they remember your demonstration
  • Engage your audience and peak their interest immediately, getting them excited and keeping your demo interesting
  • Be certain your audience understands whats happening, why its important to them and always knows where you are, where youre going and whats happening next
  • Elicit questions and provide answers even when you have none (answering questions in a demo is different from a normal presentation btw)
  • Leave your audience with a good impression and move them to respond with enthusiasm about your product or service
Specifically with Entrepreneur
  • 15 strategies to help you persuade, motivate, teach and inspire your customers
  • How do youget your customers to listen to youand what you have to say in a short period of time
  • The 4 levels of the relationship model that will help you capture your customers right away
  • How to use your face and body language with dynamic effect (its different depending on the presentation situation)
  • Persuade your customers with the words you choose and the way you sound (i.e. the tone, volume, pace and inflections of your voice)
  • The top 3 ways to build your personal brand by entertaining and amusing your audience in a style thats true to you
  • Close more business by moving your customers to take action

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