Greg & Dierdra Lorenzo – The Luxury Look

A: Yes! My goal is to be as available for my students as much as possible. I care very much about your growth and success. I will make every effort to

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Greg & Dierdra Lorenzo – The Luxury Look

Greg & Dierdra Lorenzo - The Luxury Look

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Make more money filming less weddings
Get paid what you deserve
Get Brides to book you faster
Stop Freelancing. Build YOUR business
Aquire the skills to finally quit your 9-5
Dominate your competitors & gain that edge you’ve been searching for!

Course Curriculum
Module 1: Introduction

video icon Course Overview (10:13)

video icon Join Private Facebook Group (2:21)

Module 2: Getting Started

video icon Lesson 1: My Gear and What It’s Used For (23:01)

video icon Lesson 2: The Light We Look For (19:26)
video icon Lesson 3: Camera Settings (17:48)

Module 3: Taking Control

video icon Lesson 1: Controlling The Situation & Tonality (8:43)

video icon Lesson 2: Identifying What Can Typically Go Wrong (PROBLEMS) (12:12)
video icon Lesson 3: Overview & Approach (SOLUTIONS) (34:51)

Module 4: Technique

video icon Lesson 1: Shooting Technique (20:58)

video icon Lesson 2: What Lenses To Use (57:11)
video icon Lesson 3: Shot Stacking (10:51)
video icon Lesson 4: Posing With Movement & Creating Dynamic Shots (33:41)
video icon Lesson 5: Gimbal Movement (19:01)
video icon Lesson 6: Establishing Shots (14:26)
video icon Lesson 7: Drone Techniques (12:36)
Module 5: Audio Made Simple

video icon Lesson 1: Audio (What I Use and When) (16:21)

Module 6: Reception

video icon Lesson 1: What To Shoot & How to Shoot It (19:41)

video icon Lesson 2: How To Light Your Reception (12:15)
Module 7: Editing

video icon Lesson 1: Editing Social Media Trailers For FB & IG That SELL (143:35)

video icon Lesson 2: Color Grading Screen Share (14:17)
Module 8: Increase Your Sales TODAY By Doing This 1 Simple Thing

video icon Lesson 1: Do What Others Won’t (18:45)

Module 9: Behind The Scenes

video icon Lesson 1: Erica + Andrew BTS (123:30)

video icon Lesson 2: Alexandra + Nick BTS (75:19)

text icon BONUS TEMPLATE: Sample Wedding Day Schedule

text icon BONUS TEMPLATE: 70 Royalty Free Songs I’ve Used In My Films

Module 10: CONGRATULATIONS! What’s Next?

video icon Course Recap & Next Steps For Your Journey (2:03)

Meet Your Instructors

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Hi, we are Greg & Dierdra Lorenzo. We own a video production company based out of New Jersey, USA called “Lorenzo Media Productions”. As a small husband and wife team, we are proud and humbled to say that we have been in business for 7 years producing a multiple 6 figure income filming weddings. If there is 1 thing that we attribute to our success over the years, hands down, it’s the Luxury Style that we’ve been able to achieve. Once we perfected The Look, we entered into a high-end market and began to attract much different clientele. The inquiries started flowing in much more frequently and the wedding venue locations started to get nicer and nicer. Dierdra and I realized that the only thing we were doing differently was changing our Look. We modified our style to be moody and dramatic. This Look separated us from the marketplace and gave us a huge edge on all of the other average wedding filmmakers out there. We receive so many messages from filmmakers across the globe every week on how we achieve this look, so we decided to put in 7 months of hard work to build this course. We call it, “The Luxury Look”
Become A Luxury Filmmaker

Lifetime Membership

The “Luxury Look Course” is a 1 time purchase and is yours for life! We keep the modules regularly updated with information that is currently working in todays market. If it’s working for me, I share that knowledge with you so you can implement it in your own business. We are always crafting new ways to gain a competitive edge on our competition and dominate the market.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this course expire?

A: Nope! You will have this course for life. We add and update the lessons regularly so they stay current in todays market.

Q: Should I buy this if I’m a beginner?

A: If you’ve filmed even just 1 wedding, this course will be extremely valuable. You are going to learn techniques that will serve as a tremendous foundation for your career moving forward and you will fly past your competition.

Q: Should I buy this if I’m already an established professional?

A: I’ve been an established professional in this industry for 7 years, I’m still buying courses. Always be a student of your craft or you’re going to get passed by someone who wants it more than you.

Q: Do I need to have a lot of your gear to achieve this style?

A: This course is going to teach you have to achieve this style with the gear you already have, i promise you. If you have a tripod and a camera, I will teach you how to surpass full-time professionals in todays market. You are going to learn my key techniques, become a master of light, and so much more!

Q: I edit in Final Cut and noticed that you use Premiere? Is that a problem?

A: Nope! You can achieve my exact style with any editing software. I show you how inside the course.

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes! We have a 4 month payment plan to make the barrier to entry as easy as possible. This is going to be such a tiny investment compared to the endless amounts of value that you are going to gain. Don’t forget, you have this for life and we add / make updates to the course regularly.

Q: Can I ask you questions?

A: Yes! My goal is to be as available for my students as much as possible. I care very much about your growth and success. I will make every effort to answer your questions in a timely manor. E-mail: [email protected]

Q: Is this course refundable?

A: Yes, if for whatever reason you’re not happy with the course after 30 days, we will provide you with a full refund. I’ve put everything I know into this course when it comes to achieving this style and attracting higher paying brides. This has been the #1 biggest reason for our success and we’re very confident in the information we are providing to you. I can’t guarantee your success, only you can do that. I CAN guarantee that all of the information that led to our success booking higher paying brides is in this course.

Q: What happens after I purchase?

A: You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 30 minutes after your purchase so you can create a login and have access to the course

Q: How do I access the course?

A: The course is viewable on this website from desktop & mobile. No need to download anything.

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