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Dave Kaminski – wordpress masterclass for business

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The best visual page builder on the planet. There are many visual page builders available for WordPress…and nearly all of them suck. But I’ll share with you a little-known gem of a page builder that will have you creating pro-quality pages in minutes. And even better, I’m going to show you how to use it, step by step.

Dave Kaminski – wordpress masterclass for business

Here’s What You’ll Get in Dave Kaminski – wordpress masterclass for business

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Your Complete Resource For

Building Profitable and Professional

Websites Using WordPress

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Fun Fact:

You Could Spend $10,000+ To Have

a Website Built Using WordPress

Yes, $10,000. That’s the average fee for having a website custom-built in WordPress. Of course you can get estimates all over the board…from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars…but $10,000 is the average fee for a professional, custom-built WordPress site.

That’s a lot of money – and it doesn’t even guarantee your site will work the way you want. For example, I’ve been hired to come in and fix a semi-functioning WordPress site, where the client had already paid someone else $15,000 to build it.

It’s nuts – WordPress is free and themes are cheap – so why would anyone pay that kind of money for a website? Great question. Here’s the answer.

WordPress is painful. Themes, plugins, security, e-commerce, digital downloads, videos, protecting content, collecting money, capturing emails, funneling traffic…it’s all too overwhelming. You get frustrated. You get stuck. And you need help.

But now you can get that help. And even better, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars.


The WordPress Masterclass

For Business

This course ends the pain, frustration (and oftentimes expense) of using WordPress for your business. It allows you…regardless of your skill level…to setup and run a profitable WordPress site that looks and works exactly how you want, in the shortest amount of time possible.

It cuts through all the marketing hype, simply telling you what to do and how to do it. Much (if not all) you hear about anything WordPress is purely marketing driven…”just install this and your problems will be solved”. But it never works like that (and usually just creates more problems). So instead, I provide you with an honest look at the challenges you’ll run into and then show you how to quickly navigate around them…regardless of your experience.

What does this mean for you? No more scouring the web for answers. No more waiting days for tech support to respond to your pleas.  And no more having to give up in frustration. This training will give you the answers you need, for anything you want to do and all in one place.

But how can a single course about WordPress do all of this?  It’s because…

It’s Actually

5 Courses In 1

Once upon a time, WordPress was a simple blogging platform. Write some words, click publish and…well, that’s all it could do.  But these days, it can provide everything you need to run a business.

And from years of daily experience, I know that businesses get stuck in 5 major WordPress areas:

So I’ve broken The WordPress Masterclass For Business into 5 unique courses or “labs” that address each of these pain points, in-depth. That means for each of these topics, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know, do and use to turn headaches into profits.  Here now is a closer look at what I cover in the training:

The WordPress Foundation Lab

Maybe you’re new to WordPress and wonder how you should start. Or maybe you’re experienced with WordPress but aren’t sure if your website is actually setup correctly.  In either instance (or similar ones) this is the section of the training where you’ll learn build your Worpress site with a rock-solid foundation.

But building a solid WordPress foundation isn’t about doing a few major things correctly. It’s about doing many, many, many minor things correctly. Which is exactly why so many people get tripped up in this area…it just seems like so much.

But I’ll make sense of it all for you…and in short order…giving you the answers to things like:

The WordPress Blogging Lab

“I wrote some posts but I’m not getting any traffic”. Or I’ve written 100 posts and I’m not getting any traffic. Or I have a new blog, so how many posts should I write?

These are just a few of the “blogging” questions I hear over and over again. So in this section of the training, I’m going to give you the straight facts on what to do and how to do it…for using a blog to generate traffic and authority for your business.

You’ll learn things like…

The WordPress E-Commerce Lab

Hey, I’ve got an idea. I’m going to run some Facebook ads…and from there, everyone will immediately buy my widget, or my service, or my coaching plan.

And then reality hits. Even if you get past the first step (getting traffic), you’re going to find that plugging all the moving pieces together for any type of e-commerce activity is a major pain in the butt using WordPress.

But have no fear, I’ll guide you through this often maddening process with step by step, do this and don’t do that instructions, covering things like:

The WordPress Digital Product Lab

Back in the day (2007) I was one of only a handful of people selling training videos online. These days, everyone is trying to do it…and it seems like everyone is an expert on how to do it.

Problem is, none of the “course experts” actually know how to setup WordPress to sell digital products (videos, audio and downloadable content). They pay someone else to do it for them. Someone like, um, me (a dirty little secret you’re not supposed to know).

So what you’ll learn in this section of the training is coming straight from the horses mouth. You’ll learn directly, from me, exactly how to use WordPress to sell any type of digital product, including:

The WordPress Design Lab

Your website is ugly. Something about it just looks wrong. Or you bought a sexy theme that everyone raves about, but your pages don’t look anything close to sexy. Or you like the way your website looks, but you’re getting no leads or sales from it.

These are design problems. And for most people, it equals game over.  You don’t know how to fix any of it…not from a visual standpoint and certainly not from a technical (coding) standpoint.

This special section of the training will fix these problems for you. In it, I’m going to teach you how to quickly become a design Ninja…even if you have zero design talent, no artistic sense and no techie skills whatsoever. I realize that might sound hard to believe, but I’ll prove it to you…in fact, you’ll be surprised how easy I make it for you.

It’s probably my favorite section of the training because it gives you the most power. With what you’ll learn, you’ll be able to (easily) custom design your WordPress site to look exactly how you’d like. No cookie-cutter themes (with security leaks), no sketchy freelancers and no skills required.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the things I’ll be covering:

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