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Christian Mickelsen – Best Selling Book In Less Than A Day

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Short descrption: The System provides the exact Steps and Scripts you’ll use to start making money fast. An entire Manual is included, along with a DVD and CD, or digital Video & Audio (password-accessible anywhere)!

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Christian Mickelsen Best Selling Book In Less Than A Day

Christian Mickelsen – Best Selling Book In Less Than A Day

Here’s What You’ll Get in Christian Mickelsen – Best Selling Book In Less Than A Day

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Discover How To Turn Your Ideas Into A #1 Best-Selling Book (In Less Than A Day)Even If You Dont Like Writing

See How I Wrote 3 Best-Selling Books In A Row With No Professional Experience, Got Them All Published, And Drove A Massive Amount Of Clients To Work With Me Through Each Book

Writing A Book Doesnt Have To Be Difficult

Truth is, the very first book I tried to write was extremely difficult and frustrating.

I got overwhelmed, I got exhausted, I got wiped out and I never completely wrote it.

And at that time I actually really hated writing.

But the formula Im going to uncover will show you how to create a best-selling book without having to write a single word.

Without having to do any research, because youll use what you already know

And without having to do any difficult work or getting frustrated.

I created 3 best-sellers in a row using this technique, and Ive broken down the process into a series of simple steps anyone, in any niche can understand and take advantage of right away.

But first

Heres Exactly Why You Want To Create A Best-Selling Book

When you have a best-selling book you have automatic authorityand respect from coaching prospects making it MUCH easier to sign up clients.

When you have a book centered around your ideas and biggest passionsyou basically have a real client-getting magnet.

So even while you sleep, take a vacation, or do whatever you want, people are taking your book, learning from you, and are automatically moved to reach out to you and ask you for coaching.

Your book will sell your coaching for you 24/7and then your primary job is to engage with those people who come to YOU, and decide whether you want to work with them or not.

It really is as simple as that when you have a best-seller.

When you have a high-value book, everything in your coaching business becomes easy because you have a built-in mechanism that sends you hot leads automatically all day and all night.

Whether youre awake or asleep. It doesnt matter. The clients keep pouring in.

Respect, Fame, And Adoration Can Be Yours

When I first started out as a coach, I could barely get people to meet with me for free.

And whenever I brought up the subject of getting paid, they either stopped returning my calls and emails, or they paid me next to nothing.

It really hurt because all I wanted to do was help people and make an impact, but I just couldnt get that respect from prospects I was looking for.

But things really changed when I put out my best-seller called,Get Clients Today.

All of a sudden hundreds and then thousands of people were reaching out to me asking for coaching it was like magic.

And to be completely honest with you, at the time it seemed unreal.

All these prospects and clients coming from just one book that took me less that 3 hours to create.

But when I think about it today it makes complete sense.

Theres something special about someone seeing your name and your knowledge in writing that brings automatic respect.

This is why top authors get so much respect, fame, and admiration.

Andwhen people learn something valuable from you, of course they want more

People Pay You To Just To Hear About Your Coaching

One of my favorite parts of having a best-selling book is that people are buying it. So youre getting paid while they learn about you and your coaching.

This means you get paid before you even have your first coaching session with them.

This concept was a true revolution in my coaching business and it completely changed the way I coached.

Theres Nothing Faster And Easier For Getting Your Name Out There, Attracting High-Paying Clients & Building A Big Business That Makes A Real Impact

Appearing on the Inc 5000s fastest growing companies list in 2015, 2016, and 2017 (were on track for 2018 too)

And helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world, while making a real impact just using things I already knew.

And the best part isanyone can do this no matter their level of experience.

I know this is true because I started with very little experience.

You just have to be willing to share your ideas about coaching openly.

And have the patience to follow the proven step-by-step system Ive laid out for you.

If you bring these two things to the table, youll easily do all of the following:

  • Build automatic authority and get respect from potential coaching clients (this makes people hire you fast!)
  • Youll get your name out there fast & attract so many coaching clients that your job will simply be to decide who you really want to work with
  • Youll contribute to your cause and passion on a very high level and make a meaningful impact
  • Youll easily stand out from the crowd of coaches out there
  • Youll get paid for your coaching knowledge even before you meet prospects for the first time because theyll have your book
  • Youll even get big media attention if thats what you want

People are more hungrier for knowledge and coaching than ever.

And your best-selling book, full of your personal experiences and ideas is exactly what they need.

Ive already made every mistake when it comes to writing and publishing a book, so you dont have to.

Now all you have to do is follow the system Ive put together for you, and watch the clients come rolling in.

Introducing: Best Selling Book In Less Than A Day

This is a 99 minute audio training thatll show you how to take your ideas and experiences and create successful best-selling books out of them.

Zero guesswork. No research. And no difficult work.

Inside youre going to discover

  • My Amazon book publishing secrets: The Amazon Kindle Store is the single biggest e-book distributor on the planet and Ill tell you the easiest way to get your book on the Amazon best-seller list
  • How to grow a massive email list by strategically offering the content of your book even before the book is finished [43 minutes 30 seconds in]
  • How to tell your personal story in a way that is authentic and true to you, but also drives masses of people eager to work with you [23 minutes in]
  • How to choose a hot name for your book people love and spread the word about. This will help your book go viral. Ill also reveal the magic number of words to use in a book title. [17 mins 30 seconds in]
  • How to choose a hot niche market that has tons of people who are red-hot and eager to hear about your topic [16 minutes in]
  • How to choose a topic thatll sell your book like hotcakes I start talking about that 13 minutes and 45 seconds into the program
  • My secret 9-step formula for creating a best-selling book from front to back without having to write a single word. Youll learn my laser-focused transcribe method and much more
  • How to make the most money possible from your book [1 hour 9 seconds in]. In this section, I also dive into the realities of the book industry and why this is the most amazing time in history to create a book
  • How to make the best-seller list with complete step-by-step instructions [1 hour 11 minutes in]
  • Ill also tell you where to find people that can help you organize and format your book

And thats just scratching the surface

Im going to reveal the entire process for creating a best-selling book from front to back including how to lay out the chapters, where to get it designed, and the best methods for massive distribution.

Youll get my secret formula for how to create content people love.

And Ill show you how to use your new book to create instant authority everywhere you go (this is going to get you automatic clients, and will get people coming to you as soon as they read your book). [1 hour 28 seconds into the program]

But thats not all

Also Included In the Best-Selling Book In A Day Package

A 1-on-1 Automatic Client Attraction Coaching Session

With Best-Selling Book In Less Than A Day, youll have a powerful tool to build authority and attract all the coaching clients you want, but I want to make sure you have someone by your side to get you up and running fast and to help you get fast results.

This coaching session is worth the price of this program itself!

Thats because youll get on the phone with one of my Rapid Business Success Coaches and theyll help you implement a Client Attraction Action Plan.

That way, youll know what to do every day to attract a flood of clients quickly.

Theyll also uncover any hidden challenges, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, or insecurities sabotaging your attempt to scoop up brand new high-paying clients.

Theyll also catch dormant opportunities right under your nose (sometimes you need a second eye to catch what youve been missing!)

This is a $500 value all by itself.

Youll also get

A Tuition Waiver To The Brand New 4-Day Live Event Business Growth Mastery

The most critical part of your business is ensuring it brings in sustainable revenue and that it grows each year in a predictable way.

Business Growth Mastery will reveal everything Ive discovered over the past 18 years when it comes to starting, growing and scaling a business.

At Business Growth Mastery youre going to

  • Get the scoop on how I grew my business to over $5 million a year while working part-time and using a virtual team
  • Discover how to build a motivated team to do the bulk of the work for you and fast-track your business
  • Connect with ultra-successful business owners from around the world who work in various niches (perfect client-getting opportunity)
  • Watch as I coach business owners 1-on-1 from stage on how to explode their business. (This all by itself is worth coming. Plus, one of them could be you!)
  • And much, much more

Youll also get all the ultra-valuable business secrets I usually only share with my close-knit entrepreneur friends

That way, you dont have to go through the mistakes and pain I had to endure

just discover the strategies and tactics I learned over many years. Youll be able to effortlessly move them into your business.

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