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Short descrption: The System provides the exact Steps and Scripts you’ll use to start making money fast. An entire Manual is included, along with a DVD and CD, or digital Video & Audio (password-accessible anywhere)!

Bot Badassery Affiliate Badassary Huge Profits

Bot Badassery – Affiliate Badassary – Huge Profits

Here’s What You’ll Get in Bot Badassery – Affiliate Badassary – Huge Profits

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Are you ready for REAL, sustainable, virtually autopilot affiliate marketing methods grounded in fundamental marketing principles that will work for years?

Are you ready for a systemized methodology that immediately AND sustainably skyrockets your affiliate marketing campaigns so you never have to constantly chase the next thing.


NO Fluff


  • We start off by revealing the exact methodology to making messenger bots work for you for the ultimate badass affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • This is your launch pad. Your starting point. Your foundation of success.
  • This is where it all begins and with this solid foundation, we build out an amazing campaign that we profit from almost immediately and that will run on autopilot.


  • Your assets are the resources that you have at your disposal to aid you in your mission to create amazingly profitable affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Some assets are well-known. Others have been deeply-guarded secretsuntil now.
  • We deep dive into research methods that are so effective, they 80/20 the entire process, thus streamlining our way to profits.

MODULE 3: Reconnaissance

  • Heres where the rubber really meets the road
  • This will blow any results you THINK you have had before out of the water.
  • As you know, affiliate marketing can be a very competitive spaceso while research is critical, research alone isnt going to cut it.
  • In Module 3 we cover how to effectively recon other marketers to find out whats working right now, quickly.

MODULE 4: Avengers Assemble

  • You probably already know that the best paid affiliates are the most well-connected affiliates.
  • Nobody wants to be on the outside looking in.
  • Now you never have to be again. In Avengers Assemble we go into not only how to join the good ol boys club instantly
  • But how to bend it to our will and ultimately dominate it so that were always the first to get the best commissions.

MODULE 5: The War Locker:

  • Weve already talked about resourcesbut what about tools?
  • We cover those in Module 5. But these arent mega-expensive fancy BS tools that will cost you thousands of dollars and take you weeks to learn to use.
  • These are the simple tools we use daily that are crucial to making the whole thing work
  • And best of all, most people dont even know most of them exist, much less use them.
  • Your War Locker is your competitive edge.

MODULE 6: Mission Critical

  • By now, our mission is clearits time to solidify our game plan for maximum efficiency.
  • Contrary to what you may have been told, 99% of your success in affiliate marketing is ensured BEFORE your campaigns go live.
  • That means that your planyour missionis critical to success.
  • Module 6 is the crucial element that you need to make sure your campaigns succeed instead of dying before they ever get off the ground.

MODULE 7: Deployment

  • Now that our pre-launch checklists are complete, its time for take off.
  • All of our hard work is about to pay off big the moment we launch our campaigns.
  • But like all the other modules, the Deployment module is critical to the success and profitability of your entire campaign.
  • Without it, youre stabbing in the dark. With it, you have the ultimate check list for go time.

MODULE 8: Course Correction

  • No matter how good our strategy isno matter how good our planning isno matter how good our research is
  • No good affiliate marketing campaign goes 100% right, 100% of the time.
  • That means that we have to course-correct. And this is where too many people fail.
  • Instead of monitoring these vital criteria in their campaign and correcting on-the-fly to maximize success, they cross their fingers and hope for the best.
  • That wont be you, though. Youll know everything you need to know to ensure your campaigns is a winner.

MODULE 9: Escalation Protocol

  • No matter how good our affiliate marketing campaigns are, theyre relatively worthless to us if they dont scaleand scale big.
  • Thats where Module 9: Escalation Protocol comes into play.
  • This is truly where the rubber meets the road the strategies that help you scale campaigns larger than what you may have previously thought was possible.
  • For large commissions that come in every week, this is a must do

MODULE 10: Extraction

  • Theres one reason that were launching affiliate campaigns:
  • To get paid.
  • Thats what Module 10: Extraction is all about. This entire module is dedicated to ensuring that you not only get paid, but you can ensure youre not ripped off by the often-unscrupulous third parties that exist all around us.
  • Getting paid is an art in and of itself in affiliate marketing. Make sure that you know that youre always covered.

MODULE 11: Joint Task Force

  • Want to know the one thing that ensures more profits in affiliate marketing that almost no one does?
  • Affiliate product stacking.
  • In Module 11: Joint Task Force, we show you how to effectively stack promotions to optimize profits instantaneously.
  • This is a method weve used for years that makes profits explodeand almost no one else does it.

MODULE 12: Fortifications

  • Make no mistake, in affiliate marketing our ultimate goal is to dominate any niche that we enter.
  • Once youre a dominant force in a niche, you get handed the keys to the kingdom.
  • Your affiliate commissions get larger (sometimes in excess of 100%!). You get special VIP treatment. You have your choice of promotion methods, venues, and even get offered exclusive JV opportunities that most people dont even know exist.

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