Arlene M. Jullie – EasyLearn Languages Course

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Arlene M. Jullie – EasyLearn Languages Course

Arlene M. Jullie - EasyLearn Languages Course

In as little as 10 minutes a day,
you can learn a new language

The “EasyLearn” method is Easier and More Fun than any other language learning program – GUARANTEED

Dear Friend,

Yes, learning a language can be fun, and it can be easy when you follow the EasyLearn method. Unfortunately, many people I talk with have shattered dreams about learning another language. Some have had classes that were long, monotonous, and expensive, and they never met at convenient times. Others have used programs from other companies with only one or two audio sessions, and they provided little more than a guide.

Still others have used the more expensive programs from bookstores or mail-order, which were too complex to follow. There almost needs to be a taskmaster–”What are you doing watching television when you should spend two hours with French,” “Turn off the radio and listen to the German audio set,” “Do your exercises, conjugate those verbs, count to one million in French”…. On top of that, one study says that fewer than 1% of purchasers ever get beyond the first audio set. Wow. That’s an expensive waste.

If you have had shattered dreams, you will find EasyLearn refreshing.

Beware of “accelerated learning”

The headline on a full-page ad for a language program in an in-flight magazine read, “Based on Accelerated Learning Methods.” Baloney. They use the same tedious approach your ninth grade Latin instructor used–with a relaxation exercise or two added. A relaxation exercise alone does not do it.

Our EasyLearn programs will really accelerate your learning. Ours are based on Accelerated Learning methods pioneered by Dr. Georgi Lozanov of Bulgaria. These methods help activate the “whole brain” for learning so that you join the creative “right brain” with the analytical “left brain” for unbelievable learning possibilities.

There is nothing else available so powerful as EasyLearn Languages

EasyLearn is truly unique. Just as our PhotoReading is a breakthrough in reading, and the Paraliminals are a breakthrough in behavior change, EasyLearn is a breakthrough for learning language.

Each EasyLearn language, whether Spanish, French, or German, consists of 12 very short, but extremely playful and effective, audio sessions.

Each are 10-minute adventures into some aspect of life in a different culture. EasyLearn French, for example, includes “A Day on the French Riviera,” “A Hot Air Balloon Trip Over Paris,” “Tour of a Castle,” and others.

You begin each adventure with a relaxation process to calm the body and focus the mind on learning. Each adventure is presented partly in English and partly in the target language. In essence you learn the new language in much the same way you learned your native language. You live the language in your imagination. You immerse yourself in the language and culture in a way you cannot by simply conjugating verbs.

Each time you go on an adventure with EasyLearn, the language becomes clearer and more defined. You better understand the vocabulary and how the language comes together. You bring in words from other adventures and see connections from your new language to English. As you master one adventure after another, you get a sense of accomplishment, of really owning the language.

You will not have to do translations in your head. You come to know the meaning of words. Understanding becomes automatic. You begin using your brain in different ways that improve other areas of your life. Your brain, as you probably know, has a tremendous capability for learning—especially languages—but you must activate and use it in certain ways. When you do, learning is virtually effortless and limitless.

EasyLearn teaches a realistic vocabulary

Many other language programs boast vocabularies of 2,000 to 5,000 words. Yikes! That is a lot to learn, especially when you are just starting. Each EasyLearn program presents only 800 words, which anyone can learn. Is 800 enough? Winston Churchhill said that you really only need 500 words to communicate in another language. Besides, 800 words are a great beginning.

Those huge vocabularies are a problem for the 99% of purchasers who never go beyond the first lesson. It is simply too daunting. EasyLearn makes it easy to go beyond the first lesson. EasyLearn makes it easy for you to learn an introductory vocabulary so that you can travel in another country.

When you master EasyLearn, go on to one of those other programs if you want more. They will be much easier to learn when you have used the EasyLearn method. As a matter of fact, many EasyLearn students continue using EasyLearn MP3s while they are using the more complex programs. Most, however, feel they do not need to learn more. They discover that EasyLearn satisfies their needs.

If you are using other programs now, you may be happy to know that EasyLearn complements all other language training. It makes the other trainings easier. The EasyLearn method actually “activates” the additional vocabulary you learn from classes, tapes or trips, or even from previous learning years ago!

EasyLearn is probably the most effective refresher available today. If you took French in school, and are finally taking a trip to France, EasyLearn French will bring back most of what you learned in school. It helps make your trip more exciting.

Traveling is better with EasyLearn

I have traveled in countries when I have had a base understanding of their language, and I have traveled in countries when I have had no language understanding. Knowing the language was always better. I missed out on so much by not knowing. I could not speak with shop owners in the countryside, I could not find out about off-the-beaten-track adventures, and I could not always be sure of what I ate or whether I overpaid. When I got lost I had to fend for myself, and none of the signs made sense.

In 10-60 minutes a day over a month or two, you will have enough language to comfortably travel in another country

You probably agree that it is easy to find the 10 minutes. Maybe it is first thing in the morning, on your lunch break at work, or after dinner in the evening. Another 10 minutes may be in your car driving to work or while you are fixing dinner or taking a bath. Twenty minutes could be on the stairmaster at the club, or relaxing in the backyard. Before you know it, you will be ready to have basic conversations with other people in your new language.

And, when you are shopping in the trendy rue des Francs-Bourgeois of Paris, the French people will treat you with more respect knowing that you took the time to learn their language. They appreciate it – they know that most Americans expect them to know English. You will probably even get better prices!

There are more reasons to learn a new language

Understanding a language also brings a new dimension to life. You will literally think differently. Your brain will function differently. New ideas will easily pop into your head. You will no doubt better understand language references in the newspaper, on a CNN report, when the radio announcer throws out a foreign word or two, or when someone drops a foreign phrase. You will even have your own phrases to drop.

The world is becoming smaller. Other countries are not as remote as they were just 10 years ago. World travelers are around us all the time. Knowing each other’s languages makes this globe more of a community. If you have been thinking about learning another language, then by all means, do it now. Order EasyLearn Languages from us today. They are not available in most bookstores, so pick up the phone and place your order now.

More fun with children

If you have school age kids, you will love EasyLearn all the more because this program helps them get better grades. Their language classes will be easier no matter what level they are in. Plus, kids tend to learn languages faster than adults, so do not be surprised when they start helping you! Learning a language with your kids will be fun and rewarding.

It’s a small, small world

Today languages such as French, German, and Spanish are called world languages, not foreign languages.

The world is much smaller as lines between cultures blur. We have Federal Express, cheap airfares, the Internet, and CNN to thank for this.

It has become much easier to understand other cultures and other languages. It is just not as foreign.

Breakthroughs in language learning have helped to make it easier than ever

“Accelerated learning” principles have taken the drudgery out of learning languages.

The unique EasyLearn approach takes you on adventures into life in a different culture. It makes learning gentler and—believe it or not—fun!

As I mentioned, each language section has twelve 10-minute adventures presented part in English and part in your new language. By participating in these playful adventures, you will learn the language in much the same way as you learned your native language.

You will get your “whole mind” and body involved in the learning process. And, you won’t be conjugating endless lists of verbs.

As a result, you will have a solid introduction to your new language in 30-60 days with a commitment of 10-60 minutes a day.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on other programs when you can order EasyLearn for less

Language classes can cost thousands of dollars. Other self-study programs cost hundreds of dollars and are difficult to use.

But you can buy EasyLearn at an affordable price of $149.95, and you will enjoy using it.

If you are a PhotoReader, you are in for a treat!

Patricia Danielson, PhotoReading co-developer, was one of the first to use PhotoReading to learn a new language. Her special recommendations for PhotoReaders are included with the EasyLearn program. Remember how in the PhotoReading class we PhotoRead the dictionary? Patricia recommends PhotoReading the English/French dictionary (or German) on a regular basis. My own personal experience shows it helps!

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

There are always reasons to put off learning a new language, but taking the step to order an EasyLearn program today puts you one step closer. Whether or not you actually begin learning a new language, you will have the program ready to start any time. To take off the pressure, you can ask to extend our standard 30-day satisfaction guarantee to six months—just be sure to ask before the end of your initial 30-day period. You will have plenty of time to begin your course when you order today.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us. Thank you for reading this letter and ordering the EasyLearn program today.

My Personal Best,

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