Alan Questel – Falling

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Alan Questel – Falling

Alan Questel - Falling


Falling down, falling in love, fear of falling, falling asleep, falling out of favor, falling apart, falling all over yourself…

What is it about falling that is so central to our experience that it can describe so many of our states?

This audio program will explore the theme of falling. What is the relationship between falling and safety, risk, creativity, enhanced abilities and a life that is a little bit easier? Through Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®), we will look at the benefits we may derive from a deeper understanding and experience of falling. If the idea of falling concerns you, be assured that no demands will be placed on you that are beyond your abilities. This workshop is geared towards participants of all levels of experience with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement and of all ages who are seeking a more familiar relationship with the floor that carries us.

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Program Contents:

Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.
Talk: About Falling – 08:25
Introduction to ATM – 02:41
ATM 1: The smallest fall you can take – 33:29
Talk: About the Myth of Icarus – 02:43
ATM 2: Falling to the side – 29:54
Discussion – 01:44
Talk: When do you fall? – 08:39
ATM 3: Reaching and freeing your pelvis – 30:44
Discussion – 01:37
ATM 4: Falling in and out of your chair – 20:18
Talk: About the Feldenkrais Method – 10:28
ATM 5: Improving your balance – falling, rolling and rising – 37:21
Discussion – 02:55
ATM 6: Falling from the ground up – from your stomach to sitting and back again – 32:35
Discussion – 02:20
Talk: Falling from Grace – 02:24
ATM 7: Rolling like a top – 24:00


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