Adyashanti – The Art of Meditation (Study Course, Feb 2016)

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Adyashanti – The Art of Meditation (Study Course, Feb 2016)

Adyashanti - The Art of Meditation (Study Course, Feb 2016)


Embark on a transformational journey in Adyashanti’s teachings on meditation. Based on his original live online course The Art of Meditation (2016), this self-guided course offers Adyashanti’s unique perspective and insightful guidance based on 15 years of practice followed by 20 years of teaching the art of meditation to thousands of people at all levels of experience. Whether you are called to explore meditation for the first time, or are a seasoned practitioner, this course will offer you guidance in:

      • Taking your existing meditation practice to an unprecedented level of depth and transformation.
      • Getting an essential orientation to meditation to avoid years of pitfalls.
      • Breaking the cycle of compulsive thought that leads to suffering.
      • Exploring the deeper intricacies and potentials of meditation.
      • Freeing yourself from conditioned emotional responses.
      • Becoming conscious of subtle realms of consciousness.
      • Accessing the peace and quiet always and already present.
      • Discovering the infinite ground of being.

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This Course Includes:

  • Course Introduction that provides guidelines for maximizing your experience.
  • Four 2-hour recorded sessions of broadcasts from the live online course “The Art of Meditation” (2016). Sessions include talks followed by dialogues with original course participants. (Video stream and audio download.)
  • Session notes to help you remember and integrate the teachings from each session.
  • Three weekly exercises to help you apply the teachings during the weeks between sessions. (Video stream and audio download.)
  • Three guided meditations to help hone your meditation practice. (Audio download.)
  • A PDF of all Q&A (over 50 question and answers). A 47-page printable PDF that includes all the Session Notes as well as written Q&A between Adyashanti and the original course participants.
  • Audio MP3s of all the content that you can download to your computer so you can revisit the teachings indefinitely.
  • True Meditation PDF – Adyashanti’s highly-regarded one-page teaching on “True Meditation.”

Course materials are accessible for 90 days from date of purchase. All audio and written materials are downloadable during this periord.

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