Abraham-Hicks VOA EP02 Healthy Wealthy Wise

Short descrption: The System provides the exact Steps and Scripts you’ll use to start making money fast. An entire Manual is included, along with a DVD and CD, or digital Video & Audio (password-accessible anywhere)!



Abraham-Hicks VOA EP02 Healthy Wealthy Wise

Abraham-Hicks VOA EP02 Healthy Wealthy Wise

Vortex of Attraction™ Series

Total Running Time 3 hours 31 minutes

“Healthly, Wealthy & Wise”


“Techniques For Aligning With Who You Really Are To Manifest Your Desires””


  • Don’t-Wants Launch Do-Wants
  • What Are Your Active Thoughts about Money?
  • Any Personal Decline Is about Resistance
  • It’s Natural for You to Be Joyful
  • Are You Resisting Your Natural Well-Being?
  • When Resisting The Call of Your Vortex?
  • By Distraction You Can Lift Your Resistance
  • Is He Being Criticized by “The Devil””?
  • When His Brother Drowned His Mother Changed
  • Mother Recently Died and Father Seems Lost
  • He’s been Disowned, Disinherited, and Almost Divorced


  • Drinking Alcohol to Please Others Pains Him
  • Is Pete Still Pete after Death?
  • Why Isn’t She Playing Music Professionally?
  • She Wants to Talk about Fun Sex
  • Dating Too Many “Not-Quite-Rights””
  • Can He Trust His Vibrational Escrow’s Closing?
  • Are You Wanting the Work to End?
  • He Wants a Reason to Trust Abraham
  • Will Music Take Us into The Vortex?
  • Abraham Give Actress “The Secret” to Success


  • You’re Not “Sent or Assigned” You’re Creators
  • Does Abraham Get Their Humor From Esther?
  • What Is the Number of Infinite Intelligence?
  • How Does the Human Brain Function Creatively?
  • He Works with Want-to-be Acting Talent
  • Should She Put Her Cat To Sleep?
  • A Question about Merging Spiritual with Physical
  • Have We a Darker Side to Suppress?
  • She’s a Recovering “Culture-of-shame” Asian
  • Which Political Group Is the Most Evil?
  • Abraham Closes The Workshop

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