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Aaron Ross – Predictable Revenue The Ultimate “Cold Calling 2.0″ Course & Library

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Short descrption: The System provides the exact Steps and Scripts you’ll use to start making money fast. An entire Manual is included, along with a DVD and CD, or digital Video & Audio (password-accessible anywhere)

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Aaron Ross Predictable Revenue The Ultimate Cold Calling 2.0 Course & Library

Aaron Ross – Predictable Revenue The Ultimate “Cold Calling 2.0″ Course & Library

This 12-Week Certification Course and Ultimate collection of outbound training materials and guides is for anyone who wants to assess themselves or learn the specific steps of what a world-class prospector should do each day: how to send emails, make phone calls, keep your accounts organized, and be successful at outbound prospecting. Call for remote coaching support & in-person onsite training.

Why Certify Yourself Or Your Team?

  • What Important Technique Are You Missing?
  • Assess Strengths and Areas of Improvement.
  • Increase Training Consistency.
  • Understand Account-Based Prospecting & Differences From List-Based Prospecting.
  • Learn Or Refresh Key Approaches: Referral emails. Personalized Emails. Email Response Handling. Mapping Calls. Voicemail Techniques.
  • Overlooked Essentials: Account Mapping. Staying Organized. CRM/SFA Practices. Key Metrics. Time Management. How To Make Part-Time Prospecting Work. Day In A Life
  • Meet Other Predictable Revenue Customers & Practitioners.

Assessment Overview:

  1. Nail your Niche
  2. Ideal Outbound Customer Profile
  3. Improve email & phone response rates
  4. Initial qualified opportunities in 60 days
  5. Steady creation of qualified opportunities 6 months
  6. Recurring revenue in 6-12 months

Three Capabilities

  1. Engage Know who & how to reach key people, who can drive bigger deals..
  2. Intrigue Non-threatening conversations that stimulate interest, curiosity & next steps
  3. Convert Move the prospects through a repeatable process to predictably build your funnel + Scale Build a process & team that breaks your lead generation and talent bottlenecks

Part 1 Key Topics:

  1. Nail A Niche & ICP
  2. Introduction: Deep Dive 25
  3. Primary Skill Building: Email Prospecting Process and Guide
  4. Day In A Life & Time Management
  5. List-Building

Topic Examples: Email Prospecting:

  • Client Guide: Predictable Revenue Email Templates
  • Writing & Customizing Email Templates
  • Response Handling Email Organization & Sales Systems
  • Simplifying Messaging To Intrigue Prospects & Differentiate
  • Establish Realistic Email Benchmarks & Metrics

Part 2 Key Topics

  • Primary Skill: Phone techniques (ie Mapping & AWF calls)
  • Secondary skill: Social Media & Personalized Emails
  • Converting Emails To Phone Calls
  • Popular Point Of Pain Positioning
  • Dashboards, Tools, Apps Tuned

Part 3 Key Topics

  • Primary Skill: Deep Dive 25 + Selling The Dream
  • Passing The Baton (Prospector -> AE Handoff)
  • Outbound Pipeline Conversion Rates
  • Quality Control
  • Follow Up Processes
  • Nurturin

Course Curriculum

Intro: For Management & Team How to Use This Course & Program Overview
Hot Coals Video 1.30 Mins: Stuck in the Coals?
How to use this course
Terminology Overview PDF
Project Plan Solution Specifics (Outbound: Example Funnel Metrics)
Outbound Project Timeline Example Review with your Coach
How Wpromote Doubles Outbound Sales Each Year (5-10 min)
We Highly Recommend you Watch: Nail Your Niche Video
Predictable Revenue Playbook: New Update in Process
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Management 01: Building an Outbound Team Could it fail, What does take to Succeed (101 Video Course)
Build your Business Case: ROI, Revenue & Costs
Chapter 01 Videos: Introduction, Should I Do Outbound, Why It Could Fail, What Does It Take To Succeed.
Chapter 02 Videos: Results, Where Do I Begin, People, How Do I Pay, Goals.
Chapter 03 Videos: Onboarding, Territories, Quality Over Quantity, Why Hire, Conclusion.
Video For Management: Build your Team & Specializing Your Team (28 mins)
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Management 02: Great SDRs, Hiring Process, Comp Plans, Onboarding, Territories.
Hiring: How to Hire Great Prospectors (Quick Review)
Hiring: Recruiting Process by Paul Fifield of Ceros to Hire Sales Stars & Speed Up Results
Hiring: Prospector/SDR Comp Prospector comp: article on Quora
Hiring A Great Exercise for Hiring a Prospector
Hiring Sample Interview Questions
READ: Why Your Salespeople & Prospectors Need Territories
Case-Study: tackling Territories & Outbound resulted in higher Revenue.
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Management 03: Management Checklist before Onsite!
First Steps for New SDR: First training Goals!!
Metrics Why we use Dashboards
Read: NAIL your NICHE chapter 1
Video: How to Setup Salesforce Basics: (Account Status, Data Setup + Transcript)
Management: Program Checklist Homework (Pre-Onsite!)
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Module 01 Getting Started 1: Nail your Niche, Personas, Outbound Emails, Phone Techniques.
Read Chapters 1 to 4 Predictable Revenue Book
Read Nail Your Niche Chapter 1 From Impossible to Inevitable Book
Quick Videos 1: Introduction Email 101, Cold Calling, Responses, Sending Enough Email.
Quick Videos 2: Reasons People Respond, What Not to Send, Referral Email Breakdown, When to Send Email.
Quick Videos 3: Negative Responses, Positive Responses, Personalized Emails, Body of Email, Insightful Questions, Conclusion.
High Response Email Templates
First Action: Jump in & Send your First Emails
5 short emails tips to get you started.
How to increase Email Responses
Initial Email Templates Mass, Personalized, Customized, Enterprise.
Advanced / Direct Email Template Crafting & Sequencing
Example Cadence: Email, Phone, Social Media, Other.
Prep Video: Sell Ideas Not Stuff (2 mins)
Mapping Calls vs. Are We a Fit Calls Key Differences
Mapping Calls Read Guide pptx
Prepare Talking Points for Mapping Calls On-Site Live Training
Prep Video: Why Nail your Niche / Arc of Attention / Enrollment vs Pitching makes all the difference.
Review: How Do I Find My Niche?
Review: 5 Aspects of your Niche
Prep: for Nailing Your Niche Workbook / Exercise
Personas / Psychographics: Workbook
Management & SDR(s) Prepared:
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Module 02: Getting Started 2: Deep Dive 5-25 & ICP Walk Before You Run!
Video: Deep Dive 5-25 Project Walk before you Can Run
Action: Deep Dive 5-25 Project Instructions
Deep Dive 5-25: Customer Interview Guide
Overcoming Fear of Sales Calls
Personality Types how different folks communicate
BDR MASTER WORKBOOK: Tracking Activities to Opportunities
Read: Mapping Calls Guide pptx.pdf
Mapping Call Cheat Sheet
3 Things every Enterprise Customer Wants to Know
Customer Success Case-Study Interview Questions
Review: Your ICP & Personas (Detailed)
Homework: Ideal Customer Profiles: Guided Workbook
Deep Dive Workbook Updated
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Module 03: Email Crafting What To Do With Them
0. Message Mastery Checklist for creating engaging email, voice-mail and telephone conversations
Review: High Response Email Templates
Review: Jump in and send some first emails
Review: Predictable Revenue: How To Increase Email Responses
B. Direct Email Template Crafting & Sequencing Advanced Level
C. Keyword or Key Phrases
D. How to Kill a Word Patrick McLean
E: Brainstorm First Email Template
F. Build Your Email Templates Workbook
Weekly Homework!!!
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Module 04: Learning: Success Requirements & Tripling Your Sales
STEP 1 Video: Success Requirements 1) Specialise your Roles 2) Follow the Process (& transcripts)
Step 2A Video: Success requirement 3 Smart Targeting (& transcript)
Step 2B Video: Success requirement 4 Moving Accounts through the Funnel (& transcript)
Step: 3 Video: Success Requirement 5 Quality of Target Prospects (& transcript)
Step 4 Videos: Tripling Your Sales
Step 5A: Review 5 Step Outbound Process
Step 5B: Outbound Day In A Life Day Planner
Weekly Homework Update Your Workbook!
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Module 05: Advanced Email Crafting
Video 1: Red Herring
Video 3 Smash My Phone
Video 2 Email Template Obsession
E. If I had more time I would write a shorter letter
F. Types & Templates: Email Common Response Handling
G. Signature Template
H. Email Personalized/Direct Templates
I. Objection or Insightful Questions
J. 101-sales-email-templates_attach
K. Example Personalized Email Templates
L. Nurture Status Responses & Nurture Campaigns
4. Having Trouble Getting People On The Phone? (Email to a 10 min Qual. Call with a Decision Maker)
5. How To Break A Reps Bottleneck Im not hitting quota. Whats wrong?
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Module 06. Email Metrics (A/B Testing Wheres the Bottleneck)
Step 2: Email Testing Order of Operations
Step 3: Loop in, CTA, and Handoff Follow up Cadence / Calibration
Step 4: Metrics: Objection Deflection: Great email response training
Step 5: Email Template: Objection Handling Tactics
Step 6: Email Objection Handling Tactic (Insightful Questions)
Comprehensive Milestones 1-5 Report
Domain, Web, and Email Hosting Explained
Email Deliverability Prospecting Domains Managed by Predictable Revenue / Carb.io
SMTP Sending Limit (Ramping & Email Sending Limits)
365 Works Hosted Email Service & Setup
Google Apps Hosted Email Solution Setup
Spam Scoring & Email Deliverability Apps
Spam Spam Spam
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Module 07: Phone Techniques Mapping Calls
Mapping Calls training video guide
Overcoming Fear of Sales Calls
Personality Types Understanding Communication Styles
Mapping Calls Read Guide pptx.pdf
Mapping Calls Playbook: Be Prepared Conversation Starters & Talking Points
Mapping Call: Cheat Sheet/Script
How to Leave a Voicemail Message
Example Mapping Call Recording #1 Alicia & Aaron training
Example Mapping Call Recording #2 (clio live calls with coaching from aaron)
Example Mapping Training Call Recording #3 (Clio + Mobileworks)
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Module 08: Are We A Fit Calls & Sales Qualified Lead Criteria
-Are We A Fit- AWAF Call Guide v4
3.15 scoping process.tiff
Green Flags AWAF
7 Tips For Are We A Fit Calls
How to Make Prospecting Enjoyable
AWAF Calls + Ideal SDR-AE Practices
AWAF: Qualification Criteria Sale Accepted Lead/Opportunity
Homework: Pass The Baton (Qualifying an Opportunity)
AWAF Calls : Be Prepared / Call Flow Table / Objection Handling
Insider Sales Secrets and Why You Need to Feed the Squirrels
Objection Handling Guide
Keys to Successful Pitching
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Module 09: List Building, Targeting, Finding & Appending Companies & Contacts.
Step 1: Predictable Revenue: Building Your First List
Step 2: List Building Drill Down
Step 3: List Building & Advanced Resources Company Insights, Contacts, Analytics etc..
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Module 10: Prospector Sales Stacks Apps, Tools, Software
Prospecting software / tools / apps /data etc.
Sales & Marketing Technology Stack: blog post (tools & apps)
Predictable Revenues Acceleration Software: Carb.io (Classifying & Answering Emails)
Predictable Revenue Acceleration Software Product Client Playbook
Predictable Revenue Acceleration Software: Wiki Platform Support FAQs
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Module 11: CRM Part 1 SFDC Setup
Video: 3 mins Why Track Aaron (& Transcript)
Video: How to Use Salesforce: Data Setup SFDC (& Transcript)
CRM Configuring Your Sales System For Cold Calling 2.0 guide (Fields, Dashboards & Declutter)
Key Metrics & What To Put On Your Dashboards
Organizing Tips for Views and Workflow
Video: 8 Tips To Use SalesForce Effectively (& Transcript)
*Manage by Dashboard (build Reports & Dashboards how to Documentation & Videos)
SFDC Deduping by Aaron
CRM Data Cleaning & Data Migration tools
Video: Inbound lead dashboard configuration by Aaron (& Transcript)
Video: Mass Email SetUp SFDC (& Transcript)
Video: BCC Email to SFDC (& Transcript)
Video: SFDC Aaron Undeliverable Email (& Transcript)
SFDC Opportunities Sales Stages/Process
Assignment What Gets Measured Gets Managed
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Module 12: CRM Part 2 SFDC (Account Status & Email Response Handling)
Video: SFDC Account Status ML (& Transcript)
Video: SFDC Mass Email Negative Response (& transcript)
Video: SFDC Mass Email Positive No Contact (& Transcript)
Video: SFDC Mass Email Response Handling (& Transcript)
Video: SFDC Mass Email Undeliverable ML (& Transcript)
Video: SFDC Positive Response ML (& Transcript)
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Module 13: CRM Inbound / Configure SFDC Dashboard / Lead Scoring / Funnels / Qualification Improvement
A/B Significance Test
Lead Funnel
Video: Create an Inbound Lead Dashboard
Lead Scoring: Marketo cheat sheet
Review: career path inbound outbound
Build a Bridge Between Sales and Marketing
Marketo Example Marketing Solutions
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Module 14: Time to Build Your Company Playbook
Time to Start Create Your Workbook: Example Playbook WorkFlow (work as a team to build best practices!!)
Example Predictable Revenue Playbook
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Module 15: Why is Customer Success a Revenue Generator?
Customer Success is not about increasing customer satisfaction, but creating revenue growth.
Read: Customer Success (Flip to Slide 17) Predictable Revenue ebook
Read: Customer Success (for more information & case-studies)
Customer Interviews Guide: Sample Questions
How to Write a Case Study (longer explanation)
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Module 16: Bonus Reading Materials PR / Impossible to Inevitable / Revenue Funnel Science
Predictable Revenue Book
Read: From Impossible To Inevitable
Revenue Funnel Science
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